JUNE 2013
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Belotti Spa and Ural Locomotives cooperates for the Russian railway industry

JUNE 2013

Ural Locomotives (Уральские локомотивы) is a railway engineering company, a branch of Sinara Group, created in 2010 thanks to a joint venture with Siemens. It is established in Verkhnyaya Pyshma, not far from Yekaterinburg, Russia. 
It is specialized in the design, production, sale and maintenance of freight/passengers electric high efficiency and low environmental impact locomotives.
In June 2013, Belotti Spa supplied Ural Locomotives with two 5-axis machining centers for the production of railcars, especially locomotives. To meet the high quality standards this important customer required, two different CNC milling centres had been designed to fit with the needs of the railway industry: an MDL 4026 series and a SKY 2617, both used for the 5 axis aluminium plates milling, making the body of the railcars.
To learn more, please visit the website (in Russian): www.ulkm.ru

Vladimir Putin visited the Ural Locomotive company in Verkhnyaya Pyshma during his visti to Sverdlovsk Region. To learn more, please visit the website: www.eng.kremlin.ru

5-axis machining centers supplied to Ural Locomotives Ural Locomotives plant
5-axis machining center model SKY 2617 5-axis machining center model MDL 4026 S 


Machining center model SKY 2617 Machining center model MDL 4026 S


X = 2.600 mm - 30 m/min
Y = 1.700 mm - 30 m/min
Z = 1.300 mm - 20 m/min
A = +110°/- 135° - 360°/s
C = +/-270° - 360°/s

Fork head with Ibag 40 kW electrospindle
Normalized electric welded steel table


X = 4.000 mm - 50 m/min
Y = 2.600 mm - 50 m/min
Z = 1.500mm - 30 m/min
A = +110°/-135° - 360°/sec
C = +/-270° - 360°/sec

Fork head with Ibag 40 kW electrospindle
Cast iron table with T slots