APRIL 2009
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Belotti and Guazzoni: experience and versatility for customer's satisfaction

APRIL 2009

Guazzoni srl is a mechanical company with premises in Castelletto Ticino (NO) which deals as subcontractor for water jet and laser cutting. The Company history in water jet market began 10 years ago and, since then, they have always been investing in research and technology.

Nowadays Guazzoni is a renowned enterprise operating in different advanced markets such as aerospace, energetic and mechanics, always granting excellent quality standards and a know-how able to satisfy the Customer's most complex requirements.

In the course of the years, Guazzoni has developed any kind of water jet application, and this brought them to the necessity of a simultaneous 5-axis large sized machining centre. The milling center features outstanding structural and dimensional characteristics ( X- stroke 13 metres, Y- stroke 5,5 metres and Z 2 metres) which could be offered only by very few manufacturers worldwide.

When the User's experience and the Manufacturer's knowledge meet, the best projects arise, enabling to improve both their professional and technical potentials. Guazzoni found in Belotti Company a reliable and trustworthy technical partner. The result is an accurate machine to serve both Guazzoni and his Customers and able to meet the most complex waterjet requirements.

For more information about Guazzoni's activity, visit the following website: www.guazzoni.it.