BELOTTI GROUP - Crossing borders
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BELOTTI GROUP - Crossing borders

Techno-commercial branch opened in China: Belotti (Shanghai) Machine Tool Ltd

Belotti S.p.A. is a company with a strong international vocation. During the last years, Belotti incremented sales to foreign countries more and more, to the point of distributing its machining centres to all continets for an export turnover share of 75% of its production.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed not only by the quality of the product itself, but also with the recognized ability to greately support customers through the global sales network that Belotti S.p.A. structured over the years by initiating and strenghtening important techno-commercial relationships with leading dealers and agents. The results is a widespread presence on the international market.

Recently, particular attention has been directed mainly to the Eastern market: a fast-growing reality with important needs of industrialization and process automation, as well as an aera of  the world that is emerging as a driving force behind the economy growth of the present and future decades. Belotti S.p.A. decided and acted in order to predominantly enter this reality.

To this end, in May 2014, was inaugurated the sales and technical support branch based in Shanghai, whose goal is to bring Belotti closer and closer to its customers by offering first-class service directly in the territory. Our new offices allow us to have a better local presence and broader visibility, but above all to draw closer the needs of our customers by offering an important commercial service respecting the language and business culture of the customer.

Approching the Eastern market with this increased responsiveness to customer and with our decennial experience is a project we porudly develop, to orient our company towards a future which is becoming more and more international.